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Our Volunteer teams renovate homes for low-income elderly and disabled homeowners, especially Veterans. The repairs we provide help elderly and disabled homeowners who are unable to make them (for financial, health, and/or physical reasons) to continue living independently in their own homes without in-home care unless needed or requested by the elderly or disabled home owner and/or their family members.

When a home is chosen to participate in the SWC Cares home repair program, a volunteer work crew is assembled to make repairs to the home or facility. Volunteers commit to work for at least eight hours on one day or more if necessary. During that time we do everything that may be needed, however, we outline the priorities. The volunteers’ assistance is free. There is no charge to the family or individual. Our ultimate goal is to make the most necessary repairs to make the home safer, healthier, and eco-friendly.

Most of the work is done by volunteers that are skilled and unskilled to include students that need to earn college or high school credits in order to graduate. The skilled labor volunteers are a big part of these projects.

We rely on our Community Events and fundraisers to help raise funds to cover the cost of materials and skilled labor.   

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We’ve loved every minute of volunteering to help our community.

Skilled Labor Volunteers

If you’re looking for a fun way to give back to the community and meet like minded social volunteers, then send us your contact information today. If you or your organization are looking for a volunteer opportunity that’s fun and social, as well as great for the community then send us your email response today. We provide lots of rewarding projects, that are also fun and social. We make volunteering easy...we don’t require any sort of on-going commitment. If you or your organization are available to partner with us to support us, please complete the form with your contact information and your area of interest.


Signing up to volunteer is easy. Volunteers are the backbone of our community events, projects, and activities. Without your help, our community events would never reach its potential. Become an indispensable part of our Special Events Team, but also get a few good perks along the way...and the chance to meet community leaders, and other community partners and supporters just like you.


In addition to the satisfaction and fun of sponsoring a home repair project, your organization will be recognized in our Annual Report. Contributors of amounts greater than $5,000 will be specifically recognized as Major Sponsors of The SWC Cares Outreach Program, depending on the level of their donation. A sign with the name of your organization will be placed at the front of your sponsored home repair project. All volunteers are asked to wear the official SWC Cares t-shirts. Most sponsors enjoy having their corporate logo placed on 

these thousands of t-shirts and specialty products we use that are distributed each year.